January 2012

Ideal Characteristics of a Spy

Okay, so you want to become a spy. You have probably researched some of the ways to do it, whether you plan to work for the CIA or some other agency. There is extensive training and education that will help you in this endeavor. There are a few different skills to learn that will help you become a better spy. Some of the best characteristics of a spy are those that are innate.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

A slower, more difficult British spy flick.

Gary Oldman was just nominated for an Oscar for his performance as British spy George Smiley in the film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Oldman’s performance was quietly spot-on in the intense and slowly-paced spy thriller, which employed more cinematic discretion—and significantly less gun play—than any American spy thriller I’ve ever seen.

Ian Fleming: The Man Who Created James Bond

James Bond is one of the most mysterious, popular, beloved, and misunderstood characters ever to exist in action-adventure flicks. What some Bond fans don’t know, however, is that he was featured in several novels before he ever graced the big screen. Although the films are now the most famous display of Bond’s charms and intrigue, the novels are definitely worth reading. 

How Do Night Vision Goggles Work?

Night vision goggles are a helpful tool in any spy’s arsenal. Night vision devices were first utilized by the military to locate enemies during missions. They are still extremely common today. Spies on secret missions rely on night vision goggles to conduct surveillance and obtain critical information. There are a few different devices that work for night vision. Let’s talk about how and why to use night vision goggles.