James Bond

James Bond

A different character in the books.

Bond. James Bond. 007. The British Secret Service agent with a license to kill. Is there any more iconic figure in the world of entertainment? One of the most successful movie franchise ever, currently only behind Harry Potter, the James Bond series may reclaim the top spot with the release of Skyfall in late 2012.I love the James Bond movies, especially the older ones, but recently I started reading the books. I agree with almost every statement ever made about the difference between a book and a movie – the book is better. The only exceptions I can think to this could possibly be The Shining and The Godfather, two excellent books that were made into two of the greatest movies of all time.

When you think of James Bond, how many images come to mind? Martinis – shaken not stirred. Baccarat tables in Monte Carlo. Beautiful women and all the larger-than-life villains. The gadgets – from cars to watches – provided by Q in the Q branch.

But the original series of books written by Ian Fleming presents a slightly different character. He’s less of a spy and more of an assassin. He is darker and less forgiving. He doesn’t sleep with all of the women, but often keeps his attraction in check in order to complete his mission, like in Dr. No. And sometimes he falls in love, getting married in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Also missing from the books are the gadgets. In the books Bond relies more on his wits and talent, such as his expertise in golf in Goldfinger.

If you like Bond and like to read, then I highly recommend checking out the books.