Don't forget about George Lazenby

Don't forget about George Lazenby

His ego broke his Bond.

While Sean Connery may be considered the most dapper of the Bonds, George Lazenby might be considered the most conceited. This male model turned car dealer learned that Connery feared being typecast and quit the Bond gig after only four movies.

The studies were desperately seeking a new Bond and all the big name actors tried out, but Lazenby, who had no prior acting experience, won out because he looked good landing a punch. His one and only Bond movie “Her Majesty's Secret Service,” did mediocre in the box office, but it was good enough to solidify Lazenby as the next Bond.

What happened next is a typical Hollywood tale. Lazenby became drunk with power and fame, and since it was the '60s, fell in with the hippie crowd. They felt that Bond represented the establishment with his reaction to problems with violence and his objectification of women. When he was ready to start the next movie, Lazenby showed up in a full beard and wanted way more money than before.

Unlucky for Lazenby, Connery had come to his senses and once he heard that Lazenby was on the outs, was more than happy to take up the mantle once again. Lazenby had bit parts here and there, but could never recover after the Bond debacle. Lazenby has come to regret his decision to push too hard and that it pretty much ended his acting career.

Several others have come after Connery as Bond, but none had quite the same flair for the drama as Lazenby.