Bond boy bashes bombshells

Bond boy bashes bombshells

I wonder if Sean Connery is still a misogynist peeg?

Running across this article about men who were surprisingly abusive to women didn’t phase me at first. Some of the dudes profiled weren’t familiar at all, so what was it to me if they were just like any other random abusive jerk brimming with douche-baggery? Celebrity or not, they’re all in the same bottom-feeding cesspool category to me.

But then I saw a couple that I knew—including Mel Gibson, whom we all know and despise anyway—and I felt my jaw drop seeing this quote from one Sean Connery, whom I love (loved) and never knew this about. Apparently in this Playboy interview—conducted in 1965, before I was born—hell, just after my mother was born—he commented about how it’s completely fine to hit a woman anytime, and how men need to advanced and ahead of women. The slapping, he noted, was especially needed if the woman was a bitch. I kid you not.

I don’t give a flying poop disc if this was 1965 or 1995. This is not something you say—especially not when you’re an esteemed actor. I wonder if Connery has retracted this statement since, or at least condemned it as something stupid for him to have said earlier in his career? Well, we all know that it didn’t kill his career like drinking killed Robert Downey Jr.’s career (for a while) or how Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic, anti-woman, ant-everyone but Mel rants pretty much canned his ass forever (I can’t even watch Braveheart without throwing up now).

Perhaps that tells you how it was in a different time, but I’m thinking it had more to do with the delivery. If a man said this today, would his career be trashed? No, I don’t think so; just look at that idiot John Mayer. Hell, we give Grammy awards to abusive morons. The culture that we live in just embraces beating up women—and why wouldn’t it, when a woman is beaten every nine seconds in the United States (though the stat is probably higher, what with the woman who don’t report it out of guilt or shame) and one in three women in the world are abused.  Why should we expect more out of our celebrities on their pedestals, I’ve had people ask me, when we do it ourselves?

Hmm. Perhaps because we shouldn’t be accepting it out of any damn person on the planet, hot Scottish accent or not.